Installable snap packages for Linux users

The Meteor install instructions for Linux are to pipe a script to a shell, which is generally considered bad practice from a security perspective, and also doesn’t support pushing updates to users. It would be safer and easier if Meteor was provided as an installable Snap package for those of us on Linux.

Snaps are self-contained application bundles that run across a number of popular Linux distributions. Making a package for Meteor would simply be a matter of dumping the contents of the current release tarball and some additional meta-data into the snapcraft tool. The resulting meteor.snap file would then be published to the Snap store by the developers and made immediately available to users.

This will not only make it easier to install meteor, but it also allows updates to be sent out to current users without them having to A) become aware of the update and B) apply it manually, as they currently have to do.