Installing Meteor 1.3 with an existing 1.2 left in place

Continuing the discussion from Migrating to Meteor 1.3:

This is not so much a discussion of Migration as it is a discussion of my attempts to install 1.3 but I couldn’t figure out where else to ask.

I have been working in Meteor 1.2 since August. My intention, today, was to install and use 1.3 for a new site. I am not ready to migrate my 1.2 project to 1.3. I understand from Sashko that it is possible to have both 1.2 and 1.3 on my PC.

I went to, noted that the dropdown box indicated 1.3, and clicked “download the windows installer” from the Quick Start section.

I ran the installer expecting it to install meteor 1.3. I wasn’t able to signin so I took the option to “skip this step”. I was immediately presented with another dialog indicating Meteor was installed. I was suspicious of this since it was presented so quickly and there was no visual indicator of the installation process actually taking place, but I started to follow the instructions to create a project. based on the guide instructions

meteor create myapp
cd myapp
meteor npm install

what I got was:
‘npm’ is not a Meteor command. See ‘meteor --help’.

This would seem to indicate the meteor version I’m running is 1.2.
It is not clear to me what actions I need to take to move forward.

The way to update Meteor is to type meteor update in any terminal, rather than running the installer again. We used to put that in the release announcement, I guess we forgot this time. @benjamn we should probably document this somewhere.

Also, there’s currently a bug preventing some people from using 1.3 on Windows, I’d suggest waiting until 1.3.1 which is coming tomorrow.

Do I understand that what I want to do for this project is create it as a 1.2 project and then “meteor update” the project?
… I’ll wait for 1.3.1. …Really appreciate your promptness.