Installing Meteor on Windows 10


Windows 10 cannot find Meteor . Meteor installer for Windows says installed. Typing Meteor on command line as administrator results in “not recognized” I can add remove it but not run it


Meteor installer for Windows Preview 0.1.1 worked on Windows 10


Yup, Windows installer on atleast Windows 10 has been broken for quite a while now. Been trying every couple days for like 2 or 3 weeks.

Pretty amazing this doesn’t seem to be getting resolved.


I ran the installer installers/1.1/InstallMeteor.exe
As Administrator by right-clicking on it in downloads. This installed but would not run localhost which I need for the tutorials, so
I typed “meteor update” in windows powershell (as administrator) which updated to 1.9
It ran the simple todo tutorial - but still won’t run
Localhost saying it can’t find Tasklist.exe in
C:\Windows\system32\ Tasklist.exe is there
I added a path - but no!
Meteor mongo returns This command only works while meteor is running your application locally
Ran meteor update one more time - says project is already at and top level dependencies are at latest compatible versions.
But- still starts proxy but says it can’t find Tasklist.exe so what is the way forward?


Got (see post below) but can’t run tutorial app at localhost because Windows 10 says “can’t find taskfile.exe”. Although it seems to be where
Win10 expects it! …


Windows 10:
Finally ran meteor when I changed both system and user environmental variables to have path have the first entry as C:\Windows\system32\ before the semicolon and other existing path entries.


For me it worked to install Meteor 1.1 on Windows 10 from With meteor update I have updated it to the latest version.


Restarting windows 10, unlike what the installer finish message will have you do, will enable meteor.


This has worked for me on Windows 10, after standard installer failed.

For your convenience the contents of the link:
On some network or machine setups Meteor’s installer for Windows may fail. In such cases, follow these simple steps to install Meteor manually:

Install 7-Zip or any other program that knows how to extract tar.gz files.
Download the installation archive from
In a command prompt, run echo %LocalAppData%.meteor – this is the directory in which Meteor should be installed.
Extract the installation archive into the directory above.
Add this directory to your PATH environment variable.
You should now be able to open a new command prompt and run meteor. Some versions of Windows may require restarting your machine first.