Installing on windows 11


I’ve abandoned my attempt to getting Meteor working properly on Ubuntu WSL/Win 11 and just use windows 11.

Meteor runs properly but I’m getting this error when running meteor add-platform android. I’ve installed Java, Android Studio and an emulator. Am I missing something? Env variables maybe?

Thank you again :slight_smile:

Meteor runs great on WSL, but you can’t have your projects in the simulated network mount (same for most node based platforms). You really want that to be in the emulated linux file system, under your home directory within the distro.


Can you please explain this a little further? I had my project in ~/my-project and I had an issue creating the websocket, it was using the IP of the Ubuntu VM which was incorrect. No idea how to fix it though. I would prefer to be using Ubuntu than Windows.

Hi @lemmyjnr,

We are going to try to reproduce the issue internally. Can you give a little more context on how to reproduce it? Thanks

Hi @hschmaiske

Sure. I’m using Windows 11 (previously tried Win 11 and Ubuntu WSL). Its a straight out the box meteor install, Meteor does run but broke when trying to add the android platform. I have Android Studio installed and setup an emulator. I’m using Powershell and running as administrator. I haven’t set any environment variables, not exactly sure if I need to on windows.

Meteor running successfully:

Adding the android platform fails:

Anything else I can help with let me know. I was closer to getting it working on Ubuntu WSL, would love to have got that working.