Intall blocked by reify on windows

I tried to install meteor on Windows 10 but failed for a couple of times. I’m using “npm install -g meteor” in Command Line, but keep being blocked at reify module. I also tried to switch registry with nrm to tencent or taobao but it turned out to be useless at all.

Is here anyway to get me out of this trouble? Thanks!

Hi, I will tell you an old installation method, you can install meteor with it, then update it with meteor --update. Tips for installing Meteor on Windows | ICS 314, Fall 2018

Thank you!

But unfortunately the Tip didn’t work either. “choco install meteor” warns there’s no Meteor found in registry. And installation quitted with error message that some module (or another) failed to download.

I would switch to Koa (Express) as there’s no gate for me to follow up Meteor. It’s pity but it’s the life.

Hey, what’s the error message you get? You should be able to install Meteor in Windows 10.
I did it myself a few days ago. Which Node version are you using? It must be 14.x.

Thanks for your message!

I’m using Node.js version 16.15.0. My error message differs every time, and it is always terminated by downloading some module. As all you guys have no problem, I guess it’s my poor internet connection that fails to hold stable download stream.

I see. You must use Node.js 14 as Meteor doesn’t work with Node.js 16 yet.
If you want to keep different Node.js versions on your machine, you can install NVM or Volta.

After making sure you have Node.js 14, try installing Meteor.js again and let us know.

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Wow! It works by following your tips! Thanks a lot!

Now I have Meteor installed successfully. As I would like to keep Node.js v16.15.0 and 14.0.0 at the same time, I also use “nvm use” to ensure 14.0.0 is active Node.js version.

However, new problem occurs. I typed “meteor create myapp” in both Command Line and PowerShell but got same error message that system cannot find executable Meteor.

I checked PATH system variable, and there’s no Meteor corresponding item added. I also searched C volume for Meteor files, and there are indeed some Meteor folders in below folders, but no executable Meteor.

Please give me some further guide!

That’s great @flower4wine. Maybe try following what @smrsoftware suggested here:

Hi @flower4wine,
Just note this:

  1. meteor install deletes everything in meteor folder. At the end, you will only have one version in that folder: the one that meteor install installed. Remember that you can install different versions of meteor with meteor install (meteor install --release, or something like that), not just the last one. meteor create, on the other hand, does not delete other meteor versions living in meteor folder.

  2. Note the folder in Windows where meteor is installed. Note that you can find several versions of meteor there. But if you used meteor install, maybe only one will be left:

C:\Users<your user>\AppData\Local.meteor\packages\meteor-tool

  1. For some reason, meteor create may try to use (and install if it isn’t there) a meteor version different that the last one.

These are images of what I was trying to say before:

  1. meteor folder. Note several versions can live there:

  1. $meteor create can use (and install) a meteor version different from last:

meteor image 2

Bye …

Thank! I’ll follow tips from smrsoftware.

Unfortunately there’s no .meteor folder in my C:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Local. I have enabled Administrator account and am always using this account.

I have no idea of what’s going on, but it seems Meteor doesn’t like me :frowning:

Anyway, I would say thank for message from all you guys. It’s better for me to suspend my installation struggle for a while, and come back to Meteor again.

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