Integrate bootstrap adminLTE into Meteor Project


Hi guys,

I have a free bootstrap adminLTE and would like to integrate it into my meteor project. The CSS/Images are loading fines. when I did not load any css, the dropdown menu was working, just we cannot see them in order as css is not loaded. When I started to load css the dropdown isn’t working. I have tested with the normal html file, it required bootstrap.js file from that template. How can I replace the bootstrap.js on the official tws:bootstrap package to make that work? Or is there anything I need to do to make the dropdown work?

NOTE: Graphic like chart.js isn’t working too. If you have a solution or used to work on the similar project, please kindly share your experience. I am a noob to Meteor.



You should look into using the mfactory:admin-lte package instead. It takes care of Meteor AdminLTE integration.


You can try to look at my boilerplate project. I never used any adminlte meteor packages, I just plugged(with some tweaks) the adminLTE assets in it.


If you’re looking for something that has a deeper integration with Meteor, you might want to look into Meteor Candy. The new version uses Dynamic Imports, so it adds virtually zero weight to your app.