Integrate Bootstrap in Meteor and use it with React JS

Hey guys,
I’m pretty new to Meteor and have just worked with some tutorials.
Until now I have only seen how to integrate “Twitter Bootstrap” into Meteor… is there a big difference to “regular” Bootstrap?
My further Questions are:
How can I integrate Bootstrap in Meteor (only in commandline?)?
How does it work with React JS? Do I have to use Bootstrap in the “Import”-area which comes with the use of React JS or do I use it in the main.html?

Thanks in Advance,

Welcome to Meteor and to the forum!

The twbs:boostrap package is outdated and you should use the npm packages instead. To install bootstrap@latest you can cd into your Meteor project root and enter the following into your terminal:

$ meteor npm install --save bootstrap@latest jquery@latest popper.js@latest

Then import it on the client on some top-level file:

import 'bootstrap'
import popper from 'popper.js'
// global.Popper = popper // uncomment when modals etc. are not working properly

To install a certain bootstrap theme, you need to include the unminified css or scss files in your project and import the files like any js / jsx file.