Integrate existing pdf page to generated pdf document for download


my meteor application generate technical check sheets for wood plates. I use the pdfkit plugin to generate the check sheets. So far so good. It works perfectly. But now I have to make a helping page, in which I have a drawing of the wood plate and many annotations regarding to the drawing on this page. I created the sketch and exported it to svg file. At next I tried to create this file with pdfkit and this is crazy. It is to much text :-).

And now my question. Is it possible to add a existing pdf page to the pdfkit document?

Sorry for my bad english.

You can use pdftk:

Is it possible with a meteor package?

Have you searched atmosphere?

There are a couple.

Ahh, Ok thank you. I will try it out.

You might be able to open a read stream on the PDF you want to merge in, then addPage() it after it has finished loading. One other option you might want to consider though is using something like PDFtk to merge your PDF’s afterwards. There is a PDFtk package up on Atmosphere.

hwillson, could you make a simple code example for the read stream?

Sorry but I don’t want to install an external kits like pdftk.

Try looking at something like the solution offered here:

(And @robfallows if you’re wondering why I repeated the PDFtk option that you already mentioned, that’s because I didn’t see your answers! Must be Monday … :sleeping: )

Ok, I will look on it. Thanks.

Hey guys,

an additional question: I have a server route (for downloading the pdf) and I want to go to the main page after the server route is calling. How can I do this. If I call first the server route and at the next the client route, then I go directly to the main page without downloading the pdf file. I don’t know why.

I use Iron Router.