Integrate meteor into an existing vue3/quasar app

Hi there

I have an existing, small application made with vue3, typescript and quasar.
After some research meteor would be a nice fit because it brings a lot of functionality I need out of the box.

The only problem so far seems that vue3 (with typescript and routing) isn’t supported yet, correct?

I have seen that it is possible to use meteor only as a backend and communicate with vue with something like SimpleDDP.

But it’s not quite clear how I would do that.

  • create a meteor app
  • remove everything client side related (./client, ./imports/ui) ← this steps is rather unclear
  • add SimpleDDP to my vue app
  • have basically to different applications

Something like that.

So what is the recommended way to deal with vue3?

Hi, I believe my comment here can help you in moving forward with Vue 3 and Meteor Native Vue 3 support · Discussion #11521 · meteor/meteor · GitHub

I linked a few resources in the comment.


Does this work with typescript?
There is an open issue with vue-router.
Does this mean that vue-router doesn’t work currently?