Integrate Meteor with Rust lang


I have a Meteor/React project and would like to use Rust/WebAssembly code as one of its components. I have been searching for code examples and instructions online to no avail.

Please help with any clue you have. or please advice whether this integration from scratch is doable in short order if no one else has done it before?

Thanks in advance


Maybe something like


sorry if I might not be clear what I need.

I need info on integration of meteor and rust lang modules.



Are you talking about using a native addon on the server or transpiling rust into WASM/JS in the client?
(Because veered’s link was specific info on integration of meteor and rust lang modules)


Thanks. My apology if I misunderstood. I read Veered’s info and failed to see any reference of meteor. I will look into it again.


Because Meteor uses Node.js and npm, all node resources are the same for Meteor


got it. That is the spark I need, and I did not know before. I am reviewing meteor document to establish in my mind the linkage between meteor and npm/node etc.

Thanks again.