Integrating Meteor and Facebook - Newbie Question

I’m brand new to Meteor and writing a simple application. I’m trying to integrate Facebook login; however, when following the steps to configure, I run into a wall at the step to “make app public”. I must be doing something wrong, or the configuration steps no longer match with what Facebook requires. Can anyone provide some assistance? Many thanks in advance!

Hi @bdubs, could you give me a little more information of what you are using for this and your Facebook Developer configuration? maybe with this I can help you out to fix the problem.

Hi @juanpmd, much appreciate your response. after you first add the accounts-facebook package to a project, you have to configure facebook login as shown in the uploaded image. i’m stuck on “making the app public”. i do not see where this is done on the facebook developer’s page. do you know if things has changed on facebook’s side or am i just missing something? thanks again!