Integrating Meteor-Cordova with third party video recording plugin

I am trying to integrate Ziggeo video recording library.The video recording works fine on web but on the mobile, it doesn’t give an option to record the video.Is it due to cordova plugin which can interact with the device through its native plugins only? Please help me out on this and let me know how can I integrate it.

Can you give a little more information on what you are trying to accomplish? I’m not familiar with the Ziggeo video recording library, but am I correct in thinking it is pure JavaScript and not itself a Cordova plugin?

I suspect it either does not work correctly on mobile browsers (or web views) at all, or there is a permissions issue of some kind (when trying to access an outside server for instance).

Ziggeo is not Cordova plugin, its a JS library. On the mobile browser it
gives an option to record from camera but when access through WebView of
Cordova, it doesn’t give an option. I am not sure if there is any
permission issue with this.If there is, can u please tell me how can I add
the camera permission to it.

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On Safari on Mac I need to install Flash when I am on their demo page: under Features -> video recording.

That might be the issue.

In general to record video as far as I know you need a cordova plugin.

Do you need a live recording or just a recording to a file?

I need a live video recording using Ziggeo(3rd party library) instead of cordova plugin.

That seems not supported, they only support native I guess.