Integrating Meteor projects with flowtype

I’m trying to setup flowtype on some of my files in meteor. Its going quite smoothly (I’m actually just starting) and I’m really starting to see the benefits of these efforts.

First of all I love the fact that it is not on by default and you can choose to gradually implement flow into a project.

There are a few articles which I really felt is worth the read:

randomized-testing-in-javascript-without-lifting-a-finger - a very interesting idea
flow-mapping-an-object - a good starting article for flow
Flow-at-ReactConf - a quick intro
flow-typed - flowtyped modules
meteor-and-flow-static-type-checker - a meteor starting point
stackoverflow - a good tip for meteor and flow
meteor-flow-types - a basic meteor flow type

And also nuclide for atom works very well with flow.

So I’m just leaving these here for who ever feels like using meteor and flow.
If you stumble on more interesting / useful flow links please share.


I use VS Code and this package works very well.
I moved away from Nuclide when this package got up to snuff. Now I like it much better than Nuclide.