Integrating Meteor with Steam OpenID

As it is my first post here I would like to say Hi to the Meteor community :slight_smile:
Recently I started my first project using Meteor. In this project I use official accounts package for authentication. This part is ok, everything works as I would expect, but on the other side I want to implement feature which allows users to connect their account with Steam accounts. So basically one user can have many Steam accounts. I don’t want to allow my customers sign in to the application using Steam accounts. I need this feature because there isn’t any other safe possibility to retrieve Steam account informations. I can’t find any package for that so far, so I assume that I need do this by myself. There isn’t much information about this topic. From the guide I’ve read that I should take a look at facebook and twitter packages. Can anyone give at least a little advice where I can find more informations about it? Also any thoughts are really appreciated.

Thank you very much :wink: