Integration Tests Issue [1.3]

I am trying to set up a full-app integration test and cannot figure out how to call the generateFixtures method as specified in the guide. I keep getting a [404] method not found error. I tried using instead to no avail and I made sure to change the ROOT_URL to http://localhost:3100/ for the test server.

  generateFixtures: function generateFixturesMethod() {

    _.times(1, () => createCommissions());


let generateCommissions;
if (Meteor.isClient) {
  // Create a second connection to the server to use to call
  // test data methods. We do this so there's no contention
  // with the currently tested user's connection.
  const testConnection = Meteor.connect(Meteor.absoluteUrl());

  generateCommissions = Promise.denodeify((cb) => {'generateFixtures', cb);

Did you ever figure this out?