Intelligent World Hackathon - My Entry


Hey guys,

Just wanted to give a huge shoutout to Meteor as I used it to work on for a project for the Intelligent World Hackathon by General Electric where developers go out of their way to make smart city solutions using General Electric’s intelligent LED sensors implemented on city streets. Lots of heavy processing was done on the server side for my project including processing of > 300,000 entries and counting on MongoDB by passing them through trend algorithms and through a deep learning model making use of a stacked variational auto-encoder.

Before I go any further, my project’s name is Hearth, I’m an 18-year old university student and here is Hearth’s description:

“Hearth is an intelligent city platform that connects modern street lights, traffic signals, and sensors together through the cloud in order to create a real-time city-scale social network that provides city planners artificially intelligent real-time traffic & land management systems, and provides citizens access to first-class emergency services, transportation resources, and essential city & community information from almost anywhere without any need for an Internet signal.”

I made up a video and a couple of paragraphs detailing Hearth here:

Overall my first hackathon really making use of Meteor and hence why I’d like to place it here :slight_smile:.

K.I. Dranithix