Interactive visualization library other than D3

I’m working on trying to get some data to affect my visual shapes of abstract objects. I was wondering would there be any interesting library package to check out in meteor. Like to say i’m not trying to go in the D3 direction. Looking to do something more artistic but with some data. Also any resource on playing around data and visualization would be appreciated. Gettings my wings dirty with getting good with javascript. Thank you internet people all over the world.

More artistic than D3? We have different definitions of artistic. :wink:

Before you write off D3, at least check out c3.js, nvd3.js, and dc.js, which are all extensions to D3. Since they’re reusable charts, they benefit from having a bit of polish and refinement to them, with animation effects, overlays, and the like. Which I suspect is a bit of the ‘artistic’ that you’re describing.

If that still doesn’t work for you, check out highcharts.js or raphael.js.

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Someone has a special place in their heart for d3 nyak nyak :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
but thanks for the goodies