Intergrating Muut Into Meteor

We are currently developing our first application in Meteor and looking into integrate Muut into it.

We are hosting our meteor app on Amazon EC2 and our current stack is doesn’t include traditional web server like Apache or Nginx.

We are looking into implement the custom domain feature of muut for increase SEO, However, the documentation includes the proxy setting for Apache, Nginx and IIS. Here is the link to the doc’s

We are unsure how to apply the muut proxy setting to a meteor/nodejs application. When asking on the muut forum we were told that the settings would be very similar to the one presented for Nginx on the documentation. But we still not sure where to place this setting or how to configure it correctly.

Can anyone, please, provide any input on this issue?

Can’t you install nginx on the server?

We could install nginx, but we are trying to keep the stack as simple as possible. What are other advantages of having nginx?