Internal update from Meteor Software

I am not sure if you are aware, so I will share this with you: Jessa moved on to a new opportunity at the end of September. She had stayed to help out with the Hackathon before leaving. She is maintaining a freelance position with us, helping @kevintayong with graphic artwork.

On speaking with one of the Ambassadors yesterday, I discovered that this was not widely known. This is my oversight and I hope this note corrects it.

I will take on the day-to-day work on the Ambassador program in addition to the program design. You can reach me at or with my handle @alimgafar on Meteor Forums (here), Community Slack, or the Ambassador Discord. If you want quick attention, hmu on both email and the Ambassador Discord.

All other marketing-related discussions (hackathon included) that Jessa was involved in should pass to @kevintayong.

For Ambassadors, if you have any outstanding requests or conversations with her that have not moved forward, please fill me in so I can work to resolve them. And if you have anything you want to discuss or share, you can do so freely with me.