Internal Workshop Meteor Team

It would be lovely to hear a bit more about this.

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Hey @paulishca. We held an internal workshop a few days ago to enhance our team’s understanding of how to structure and write effective technical documentation. We covered crucial concepts, completed some exercises, and our intention is to restructure our docs for Meteor 3.0.

Initially, our plan involved restructuring the migration guide we had started. However, since @DanielDornhardt has made significant progress on his proposed version, we now intend to collaborate with him instead of rewriting our initial version.

Another aspect is tooling. As we rely on an older version of Hexo as our documentation tool, we have certain limitations. So, we are also planning to migrate to a more modern tool such as Vitepress or Docusaurus. Apart from migrating the content, we anticipate that adapting the API box will require some time and effort.