Internet Explorer 11 blank page

Hello to all the community,

I develop a website with Meteor, it works perfectly on chrome, chromium, Firefox and Edge but on the Internet explore 11 I have a blank page. The Javascript console of Internet Explorer does not give me a lot of useful information.

The only error message is that check waited for a variable of the type Number.

See screenshot :

Could you help me?

Thank you and good day.



I downloaded VM Windows with IE and I was able to have a stacktrace, it would seem that the concern comes of package ostrio:files in this line:

Sorry for my english :slight_smile:


I opened an issue on the repository of meteor-files, but the error seems to be somewhere else finally.

it would seem that the error is not really bound to meteor-files, but anymore to the fact of the use of the strict mode.

Are you a idea ?

This is a cross browser issue. Your document type is set to STRICT, so IE breaks on this setting.

Google for “HTML Document Types” and try some of the different settings.


thank you for your answer.

My doctype is <!DOCTYPE html>, I thought that strict doctype did not concern the html 5, but I can make a mistake.

Could not this error be has cause of the use of ‘use strict’ in a Javascript file?