Internet explorer 11 does not subscribe to all publication

So i have created few publications. First user logs in and see dashboard with documents he own, then he can create new documents, remove them, edit titles and view document. everything but viewing works. When i try to view, suddenly view page is rendered before subscribing to publication so i am getting error that user has no access to it.

I tested it on different account on different browsers and everything works fine without exceptions on all browsers but IE11 which again, can do everything until i want to subscriber to one more thing (which is basically subscribe(doc, id) and nothing else.

Is IE11 not compatible or do i need some kind of hack to make it work?

Start by opening the developer tools and checking the console log for errors.

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@robfallows made a good suggestion I would add that you can inspect websocket packets in dev-tools (or via a browser add-on) which is super useful when debugging meteor apps, because it lets you inspect all of the communication to see the protocol is all right. If your dev-tools are confusing or don’t allow easy packet inspection, you can instead use this function to log DDP traffic to your console:

import { Meteor } from "meteor/meteor";

(() => {
	let _send = Meteor.connection._send;
	Meteor.connection._send = function (obj) {
	    console.log("SEND\n    ", obj);, obj);
	Meteor.connection._stream.on('message', function (message) { 
	    message = JSON.parse(message)
	    console.log("RECEIVE\n    ", message); 
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Can you post where exactly in the source code the meteor connection is defined? Thanks a ton if you can.