Internet Explorer Browser Compatiblity IE11


I recently jumped on the Meteor bandwagon and I’m loving it. One issue I’ve encountered multiple times is Internet Explorer browser compatibility. For example, signing in at Discover Meteor doesn’t work with IE11, but it works fine using Firefox. Even the local market example (meteor create --example localmarket) doesn’t appear to work correctly in IE. I’m not a big fan of IE, but it’s still a leader in terms of market share.


For what it’s worth, I’ve developed web apps in Meteor and they work just fine on IE10 and IE11. It’s just something you have to be conscious of and test on as you’re developing. It’s possible that the Local Market example was not tested on IE11.

Also, IE definitely is not a market leader. Chrome is in the lead, with Firefox and IE (all versions) neck and neck, but Firefox beats IE11 and IE10.


PS: Be sure to grab the free VMs for IE10 and IE11 to test on, and visit CanIUse all the time to make sure what you’re doing in CSS is going to work. I try my best to support IE10 and up.


Also, IE definitely is not a market leader.

It depends on your market. IE is the leader by a large margin for desktops globally: Market Share Report


I guess it all depends on the source, eh? :slight_smile:


Hi there, I am a bit late here. Does somebody has info on using ES6 features and IE11? I assume that Meteor uses Babel to transpile everything to a ES5 compatible code, so that crappy browsers like IE also can enjoy my bitsequences. Is that correct?