Internet Explorer Issue


I have deployed my app on

If I open my app in Internet Explorer, I get the following issue: If I press the start button on my welcome page and at next if I choose any item in the first column, the internet explorer jump back to the welcome page :confused:. In safari, firefox and in chrome it works well but not in internet explorer. I don’t know how can I fix this issue. Thanks for the answers.

ps: sorry for my bad english.


Have anybody the same issues with internet explorer and meteor.js?

Which Internet Explorer version are you trying on? Things generally work well on and above 9.

Did you try my site? I tested it on internet Explorer 10.

I couldn’t, i dont have access to a windows machine right now :slight_smile:

Would it be possible that Internet Explorer has problems with iron router?

Ok, now I solved my issue by myself. I set the event.preventDefault() in my event and now it works. I thought that preventDefault() is only necessary for forms but maybe I was wrong. Sorry for this simple question I am very new in programming and meteor.js.

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well, you saved my life Sir dimmin. I was about to kill someone before reading your solution.

Thank you again sir

Very good, i am happy to help someone. Thank You for your response