Intro to React Videos

Michael Chan has released a series of really nice React video tutorials. If you’ve struggled to wrap your head around React or how to handle forms/inputs these will be great!

Also if you have questions about Meteor integration feel free to PM/email me :thumbsup:


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There goes my weekend. Thanks for sharing!


I finished watching these videos, they are really clear and easy to understand, awesome!

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Those were great! Thanks so much!

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Meteor Integration is the trick… :wink:
None of the resources available to learn React refer to Meteor and only one of the resources available to learn Meteor refer to React >< I went through the official ReactMeteor Tutorial yesterday. It was okay I thought but there were some really weird things (since we are talking about integrating Meteor and React):

  1. In Meteor we don’t have to require/import React or the components we depend on and we don’t need to export modules either :slight_smile: Which is cool yeah, but why? Nowhere is this explained. But any React developer is instantly going to want to know why we’ve abandoned the most basic structure of any React app and what the new rules are, so we don’t make a hash of it when we try to build out a much more complicated application.

  2. It a very short tutorial which ends with something like “there’s tons more advanced stuff you can do, go check out all these Blaze resources to learn about it”. Which is not very helpful at all.

So I worry that Meteor isn’t selling itself very well to React developers. I’m looking for an area which goes into detail along the lines of: “In React this is a very common pattern but in Meteor we need to do this instead and this is why it’s better”.

I also worry about Atmosphere. Meteor seems to require it (is this true?). So for example if I want to use Bootstrap I have to use a bootstrap atmosphere package. But what if there is no Atmosphere package for what I want to use?

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