Introducing a new service based on meteor: plangram

Hello mates,

I’d like to introduce a new service developed with meteor called ‘Plangram’.
It is a message and task organizer.

We are hosting it in AWS, using EC2 instances and ELB.

The development is still in progress, but I decided to introduce it here to you meteor family.
We want to get your insightful feedback and find issues before official beta service opening.

You can access it here at Within a month, there will be an iOS app available too.
Still there are rather frequent app deployments and changes. So it could be unstable.
Also note that the data created during this time will be removed before official beta opening.

Thank you. :slight_smile:

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Hello everyone. A year ago (June 2016), I posted about my service development called plangram. It was a very naive implementation of Task Management and Messenger based in Meteor.

There has been a major change since the announcement was made, now its main stacks include Meteor, ReactJS, ReactRouter and MQTT.

It would be hugely helpful if you guys take a look at it and give us some feedback. Criticism, questions, insights are all welcome!

It has been an interesting challenge and a pleasure sticking around Meteor.

It is in beta service, your interest would be really appreciated. Thank you.

I’d really like to try this, but am having difficulty getting past step 3 of “create a new team” - the “Create” button doesn’t do anything. However, as a general observation, rather than invite team members here, defer until later, or generate a URL I can send people in my address book.


Thank you so much for your sincere reply.
I apologize for any inconvenience.
The Create button is supposed to lead to the newly created team page with a different subdomain.
I just tried to reproduce it, but on my laptop and a few other laptops, it is working fine.
I would really appreciate if you could let me know your device environment.

It is not required to invite members on team creation as you can still invite members later after the creation. There are invitation buttons on the team settings page, also on the LNB menu.
However, your suggestion about generating a URL is a very good idea. I’d definitely share it with my members and implement it.

Thank you very much!!

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If it helps, I signed up using Google. Oddly, I didn’t get Google’s usual requests for authorisation to basic data, so maybe there’s something missing there?

Win 10, Chrome 59.0.3071.115


Thank you for sharing this information. It definitely helped a lot. Also helped me save my face as well. :sweat_smile:
I will let you know as soon as I fix this problem.
Cheers :+1:


Hello, Sir.

I just redeployed and hopefully the bug you reported is fixed now.
Thank you so much. :bow:

This service includes Messenger + Kanban board + Gantt chart + Calendar.
Free service for now.

Have a good afternoon.


Awesome. I confirm I’ve now successfully created a team. I’ll let you know how I get on.

BTW: you should allow gmail’s “+” syntax for email addresses (like ""). Lots of people use those as a good way to filter emails.


You’ve already given me very good tips as well as a bug report. I just don’t know how to thank you enough. :+1::pray::smiley:
I am open to brilliant ideas and advice. Much appreciated indeed.

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This application still has the insecure package included - and a quick security check using the Meteor dev tools chrome plugin confirms that.


Thank you for your input. I will remove the insecure package tomorrow and keep you updated.
I have not known there was a Chrome extension of Meteor. I must admit I have not kept track of Meteor’s progress and updates, but now I realized how important it is.
Thank you very much. :pray:

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I’ve just re-deployed the application. Among other things, the deployment includes removing the insecure package.
It was actually not in use, so the removal was no problem.
Had not been for you, it could have been a real problem, though. But thank you very much indeed.

Have a great day!

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I tried to create an account with a plain email but every time I try to finish the signup at /signup, it redirects me to the home page.

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Thank you very much for the bug reporting. I will let you know as soon as I fix the problem.

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Thank you very much for your input. I have difficulty with reproducing the case. Would you be kind and share your step to reproduce signup failure. It is very critical to me.

It is possible that you could be redirected to the homepage if you go to the signup page using an expired email verification link, but I don’t think it was your case.

Device environment, steps, any information would be very useful to me. Thank you very much. :pray:

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Sent you a bug report.

How did you do the page/route transition animation? Do you have a tutorial you would recommend?

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No particular tutorial or technique used here. I added a transition animation div made with css in the page/route level layout and removed it in componentDidMount method (sometimes just inside a callback of a data fetch method) :slight_smile: