Introducing BCard Business Card Reader App


Hi everyone,

I would like to introduce everyone at Meteor Community to my Web/ Android App build in the awesomeness of Meteor JS.

First of all I would like to thank MDG for making such an awesome framework.

The app is not perfect and has its own pitfalls and problems but I would like to request the community over here to try the app and give feedback so that I can improve the app. The project is still in its infancy and very poorly written so if you guys find any crtical issue /and or improvement/ or suggestions, please do inform me, so that I can make the app awesome :slight_smile:

The download link of the android app on Google Playstore is:-
Play Store Download Link

The UI and functionalities of the web app are not entirely complete as of now. But still you guys can give it a try at
Web Version

Expecting support from you guys.
I am not a great coder. Your feedback is extremely necessary so that the app can be improved.

Raihaan Hameedi


Hi Raihaan,
just signed up on my laptop, wanted to check it out.
Couldn’t get it to request permission to use my laptop webcam… it never asked for permission.
Suggestion - maybe accept a file upload of an image as well as the camera option?

The background images stretch to fill the screen - which skews them on a normal monitor.
I understand that the app is mostly intended for mobiles, but still would be nice to fall back to just a normal ratio image.



@cstrat There is a file upload option. The camera permissions are denied as of now because we are hosting our website on an http domain. We shall migrate to https soon. The UI portion is also incomplete for the web version. For getting a better feel of the application please visit this link!loggedIn_phone


Oh sorry yeah you do have the upload option!
Sorry I had target fixation on the capture link :slight_smile:
I will give that a try a little later


Thnx… :slight_smile:


HI @cstrat, Did you use the app?


hey raihaan,
yeah i just tried it now, it seems to upload just fine.
however the images still do skew funny - the aspect ratio isn’t maintained.

I’ve also not had it work with the transcribing yet.
It says its processing - and eventually it disappears and I have 0 bcards, 0 processing and 0 failed… just gone?

Biggest issue for me is that I rarely use business cards anymore so I don’t think this is something I would use too much. Whist I do exchange them with clients, it is not often that I refer to them because we’ve exchange emails already and email signatures contain all the info I need.

However I do know plenty of people who still have big business card holders on their desks and they collect and collate their collection. :slight_smile:


Thanks @cstrat Working hard on improving the app. Some other users also faced this issue of card disappearing from their end. Any other suggestions so that this app can be improved? Please do try the android version also. Just for the sake of checking this app out… Thanks again :slight_smile:


I don’t have android, I checked it on my iPhone though.

Good luck! :slight_smile:


hii there,

which UI did you use? Blaze or React?


@rmau I used Blaze for templating