Introducing BlvckBoxMusic, a music exploration and tracking app

Hi everyone. I recently launched BlvckBoxMusic. Its mission is to help music lovers explore, discover, and keep track of the music they listen to.

It’s in its very early stages, so I’m curious what others think of the idea so far.

Thanks for taking the time to check it out.

that’s cool. good idea.

How does the licensing work out for a platform like that? If you just embed youtube videos or soundcloud players, does your application have to pay any licensing fees, or is responsible for showing copyrighted content without consent from the owner ? It’s confusing because embedding youtube videos is highly encouraged. However, why do sites like this : , claim they have to pay out licensing fees, when they could simply just embed youtube videos ?


As far as licensing and legal issues, I haven’t really thought that far yet.

yeah, I mean I wouldn’t even worry about licensing I was just curious how that works. In fact, I don’t think playback is that important for your site, external links are probably fine.

The way I would use your site is to search by musician name to see all the projects an individual worked on, ideally have their node tree already expanded so I don’t have to click on all the nodes. It’s pretty cool you can visualize something like that in one view, whereas on Discogs you have to dig around for a while and get lost. However, I typed in a few people, e.g. “Robin Guthrie” and no results came up, so I’d put your budget towards expanding the database and working on the node viewer UI. The “list” feature is cool, but I wouldn’t personally use it.

great work!

Cool. Thanks for all the feedback! I really appreciate it. I’ll definitely keep those ideas in mind for future changes. First up will be adding a Cocteau Twins album :slightly_smiling: