Introducing Kadira Debug - A new way to debug Meteor



Today, we’ve released Kadira Debug. It’s a new way to see what’s going on inside a Meteor app and try to optimize your app based on that.

You’ll be able to monitor DDP, Blaze, Route activity and many more stuff. It’s realtime and your data won’t leave your machine.

Try Kadira Debug now:
Read this: Understanding Your Meteor App with Kadira Debug


I tried it this morning, and it’s really great. Very easy to use and provides a lot information about the running app. I recognised that I use to much reactive variables.

Thx @arunoda for providing such useful tools.


Glad to hear that. :smile:


Nice work man, its looking good!


KD is quickly becoming part of my regular workflow with Meteor. It’s really great.

In the past, understanding what was going on moment to moment meant some combination of Kadira, console.log() + debugger, and/or inspecting my websocket connection(s) for added and removed subscriptions, etc. While it certainly doesn’t replace (or attempt to replace) all those tools, I find it brings together some of the best parts of all of them.

In some ways it behaves like a remote console for your dev app, specialized for Meteor. I could imagine enhancements both small and large that would move it in this direction. A small one would be clearing the Kadira Debug screen by button, similar to ‘Clear Console’. A big one would be bi-directionality where you call methods and perform actions on your dev app from Kadira Debug, via remote DDP. Just some food for thought.

I definitely recommend giving this package a spin.


Thanks Jeremy.

Yeah! I simply click the Connect button again as a clear console solution. But having a separate button is a good idea.

Yep, calling methods and so on would be great. Specially for remote debugging purpose. We are trying bring full access to the javascript console. That’s will give us that.


If you aren’t using this tool, you’re really missing out. It has never been easier to see performance issues on the client side. Wow. Bravo to the Kadira team.