Introducing Meteor Toys 7 and Mongol 7

Like tech giants like Microsoft, I’ve decided to jump ahead to skip a few version numbers. The latest version of Meteor Toys and Mongol is 7, which has been upgraded for compatibility with Meteor 1.7.

Unlike tech giants like Microsoft, I did not change anything or move things around randomly. Enjoy.

New bug fixes include:

  • compatibility with new Collection2 3.0 package
  • underscore declared as an explicit dependency


I’m still using Meteor Toys from the original release.

Honestly, it is probably the most helpful thing available out there.
I highly recommend it, it’s saved me countless hours debugging.

These days I pretty much only use it for Mongol (which can be used for free) in combination with the AutoPub function. Occasionally I use the shell, and Impersonate too.

Any thoughts on a discount for people upgrading?
The old version still works perfect for me so I don’t really see a need to upgrade but I am probably missing out on all the optimisations.


Thanks for the feedback man. You were one of the first people to jump on them, I am glad they are still serving you well.

I do have a deal for Meteor Toys + Meteor Candy, will send you a DM and probably email it to everyone soon. I think the next Meteor Candy update will make this deal especially enticing :smiley:

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If you’re an existing license owner, how much is the upgrade?

Yeah like I said, I would love to support by upgrading - but there probably isn’t any extra usefulness I will get other than optimizations :stuck_out_tongue:

Meteor Candy looked interesting - I will have another look at it when I see the mail out. The few apps that I maintain either don’t need an admin panel (data is thrown away after a few days) - or I’ve needed to build a comprehensive admin panel. Will take another look at it though, I saw that your solution is extensible and that is the point of it.

Then here comes the big question: do you think Meteor Toys needs any new features? I’ve been thinking of re-writing it, but feedback like that makes me reconsider it :smiley:

That is a great question. Here is my take on the features and function.

Mongol - I am more than happy with how Mongol works, the interface is a little clunky. eg. Adding large objects is hard given the small screen real estate provided, plus I usually always run into issues with quotation marks.
JetSetter - I don’t use at all because I don’t use any session variables in Meteor.
Notifications - I don’t use because I just use console.log() - I’ve always got the console open anyway so changing this pattern never made sense to me.
Template Inspector - I don’t use because I use React.
Impersonator - Yes this is great, I use occasionally. Does what it needs to do.
In App Shell - I use this occasionally, great feature. Although sometimes I forget its there and still launch meteor shell in a terminal tab…
MethodInspector - This has never really worked for me very well, could be that I am using the original version, but I have no issue calling these from the console. Having the nice interface would be nice though.
ResultViewer - This looks nice, but I don’t use because I don’t use shell that often or the method inspector.
AutoPub is a must have feature, very useful for development. It could just be added as a button in Mongol Pro.
Pub/Sub Inspector - never really worked that well with my apps, but I’ve chalked that down to me running the old version of Meteor Toys.
EmailViewer - this is handy, i do use it quite often for testing.
DDP Logger/Throttle - I use throttle quite a bit to test how my app works/breaks if using a slow connection. This is actually really useful for React because testing locally often works fine - but add a slow connection and routes break etc…
ConnectionStatus - Never needed to toggle this on/off - but I think it is useful for testing.
HotReload - Stupidly I still manually trigger this by adding a comment somewhere and saving my code…
Mobile Tool - Don’t think I get this on my version?

Overall I think a UI refresh would be great. Maybe even a full screen version so you can have two tabs open, one the app - the other the MeteorToys interface…?

I actually don’t even know what functions or features you could add. You’ve already come up with so many I wouldn’t have thought I needed but have found invaluable.

Maybe some React helpers; or possibly something to help with component testing?