Introducing Nodechef: Meteor hosting for developers

Meteor is an impressive full-stack framework, we are all aware and it’s gaining serious momentum. Hosting solutions have however been lacking as has been expressed in the forums many times. So my team has been working on a more innovative hosting platform.

We are addressing some of the key challenges that we hear when it comes to deploying and scaling your meteor apps. Nodechef is a one-stop-shop for meteor hosting. It integrates dedicated database, a caching layer, search engine, and many more. The platform makes oplog tailing scalable, allows developers the ubiquity of SQL as well as the transactional integrity of an RDBMS and much more.

We’ll soon be releasing a beta for evaluators to validate SQL coverage and other features and benchmark performance prior to releasing the product for general availability. Nodechef expects to have general availability release early next year, pending evaluator feedback. Beta invites are planned to go out sometime in December. You can sign up here



Does this use HyperDex?

We have been working with Amisalabs to bring their innovations in database management systems to Meteor. Initial results have been impressive and we can’t wait to share this with the community.

You make bold declarative claims to solve everything wrong with meteor. Wtb benchmarks?

The reason for building Nodechef is to solve many things wrong Meteor hosting, maybe not everything but we’ll push to make Nodechef a powerful hosting platform.

Just want to add that in addition to oplog tailing, we introduce views on the database server which supports a tailable find cursor just like any capped collection. With this approach oplog tailing is not required in the meteor app. This approach solves the issue of having to read the entire oplog and perform computations in Node.js for changes. Round trip latency is also eliminated which is the case in meteor observe when updates are reported in the oplog for certain queries. Views consist of any valid MongoDB find query with a valid projection, filter, sort, limit and so on. By the way, this is similar to what RethinkDB implements in their database.

We are encourage by all those who have signed up for the beta.

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Does the beta cost the stated amount, or is it free? Given that none of the links on the site work, I would be hard pressed to pay for a service that offers such limited information, and certainly not test out with a serious aplication. Summed up this makes for a really bad first impression.

The service will be free so far as it remains in beta. The site currently has one page which is supposed to be a landing page to give developers an idea of what we are building and possibly express their interest by signing up for beta. Full website with lots of information will be live when the product reaches general availability.

Encouraging stuff. You talk a good talk.

I await an invite.

Interesting stuff - what are you guys using for load balancing?

We use our own load balancer written in C. It is designed to be dynamically configurable
to suit the nature of a PaaS environment.

is there SSH access to the server or is the configuration, security of the server managed by nodechef?

Security is managed by Nodechef and we do not provide SSH access to the underlying server. However, you can deploy other Node.js services which are not web apps as well unto your instances as well as static websites! For instance, you can have your ETL process and your app process all on the same instance
provided they are both Node.js apps.

Here is my feedback, free of charge.

  1. The links on your site do not work
  2. I do not find any company information or otherwise that would make me consider that the services you are providing are legal. One of these important parts are your terms of service.
  3. I see a lot of promises that will be. I rather like facts.
  4. Your domain does not reveal any credibility as well
  5. Your Meteor ID does not reveal a lot either - so your claims and announcements - like about your ‘team’ is not convincing me either.

I congratulate you on the idea. Good luck.


Great feedback. We will address many of these concerns when the beta is released.

A features page is now available here:

Do you have an updated timeline for the Beta? I’m excited to try NodeChef.

More invites were sent this morning. Let me know if you haven’t received an email from Nodechef.

I’ll be deploying my app to production soon. I want to confirm if the Beta is free?

It is totally free during the Beta.

I’d be curious for updates on what people’e experience has been with this hosting solution.

That’s interesting. Please invite me.