Introducting Material for Meteor

This post introduces Material for Meteor to any Meteor/Blaze users who may want to use Material Design.

Material for Meteor

Material for Meteor (MFM) is a Meteor package that implements Google’s Material Design in Blaze. Users of this package can call familiar Meteor templates with parameters in order to render Material Design components, i.e. elements or groups of elements that conform, in appearance and behavior, to the Material Design specification.

Package Repo

The MFM package is open source and available on GitHub

Demo Site

Demos of the available components and documentation for their use can be found at Material for Meteor. The MFM site is built with this package, and is as such a living example of how to use the package. The code for the website can be reviewed at this repo.


The initial set of components is based on the author’s needs for other projects. Additional components can and will be added in the future.


The code is well commented, and the formal documentation is a work in progress.


Looks great.

I’m using MDL from Google but I like your documentation/components website + I like you have adapted some from components Polymer

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Thanks @thorus. I started using Polymer 0.5.x, and all seemed wonderful and I loved the look and feel of Material Design (MD). The Polymer team then made this cut-and-run transition to 1.0 and I was not happy with the way they handled that. More importantly, there were issues with Meteor/Polymer 1.x that the Polymer team, understandably, did not view with high priority. I looked at MDL and other alternatives, but was not satisfied with any of them. As a result I decided that I would write my own package to provide MD to my Meteor apps. So I did/do use Polymer components as a target to a large degree, but I soon discovered the MD site which contains the source specification of MD, and choose to adhere to that when Polymer differs from it. So, now I share the package to anyone who wants to use it.