Inviting 100 JS devs in ___ days to try Meteor

When working on my current Meteor + Vue based app, I realized I’ve mindlessly been using content and posts from well over 100 JS developers who write blog posts, create tutorials, make videos, contribute to some great packages, and who have made my life easier by the content they have created.

Lately, I’ve emailed several and asked them to take a look at Meteor for the 1st time. I realized I should keep a log of devs I invite to try Meteor. So here is the idea :bulb: for this thread:

Inviting 100 JS devs in ___ days to try Meteor

  • Post about each person invited on this thread
  • Include links to something useful they have created or written (maybe even just their Github)
  • Share anything else that might be interesting to the Meteor Community about their them or their work

The invitees will get a friendly welcome to Meteor which may save them 1000s of hours of time in the future or just give them a deeper insight into into something they didn’t know about before.

The community here might see or learn about something interesting in return.

Our collective goal is to grow the Meteor community so we can keep making Meteor better together. I welcome anyone to invite some people who you think would enjoy trying Meteor for the 1st time and post who you invited & why in this thread too.


Our 1st official invite is out to Charlie Midtlyng

I had been wondering about were yarn had appeared from vs npm and I found a great answer written by Charlie on the JavaScript Chistmas blog by Bekk Consulting. They know their design, gorgeous sites with a team in Oslo, Norway.

There are bunch of fun JS blog posts on JavaScript.Christmas, enjoy!

Charlie, we’d love to know what you think of Meteor. How is your personal experience or your firm’s experience for an initial try?

Man you are on fire lately! :fire:
I don’t know many people outside of Meteor community, but I will keep an eye out for potential invites.
I think I will privately try to get my cousin, who is a game developer, to see what he thinks. If nothing else I will see how it is to develop on Windows.


Thanks @storyteller! Very cool, it just seems fun to get the word out. I’m hoping many web devs will be looking for something like Meteor, it might be just what they need to grow their skillset or do more than they thought they could on the front-end. It would be cool to see more games style apps developed with Meteor! Game dev blows my mind sometimes, they have some very serious tooling sometimes, so I think Meteor would be a breeze for any Game dev.

One of the biggest communities to tap into is still React, I have some connections in the Vue community & plan to help make more content for Vue + Meteor, but it would be really cool to have people actively getting more React devs to try Meteor for the 1st time.

Thanks for all the work you’ve done to build the Meteor Community! :comet::+1:


2nd invite is going out to Raymond Camden (Github) who wrote a helpful simple article on Vue + Cordova which I haven’t even gotten to trying myself yet, although I’ll be using Meteor + Vue + Cordova soon for testing the mobile version of my app.

This looks like a breeze & will be happy to try this out with Meteor soon:

Raymond has also written several books :books:and looks to favor Serverless solutions as his backend in much of his work.

He wrote about trying Vue in 2018 and he sounded blown away by the hot reloading experience that he would also enjoy with Vue + Meteor.

He also wrote about trying Stitch, MongoDB’s Serverless product, so he would be right at home with MongoDB & Atlas.

Raymond, your blog has a lot of great content! I’m excited to see what you think of Meteor, and I’m happy to help if you have any questions. If you love Meteor + Vue + Cordova, it would be great to see you create some content on your experiences :+1::rocket:


As Jim Collins in his book ‘Good to Great’ states: People is not the most important asset of a company, it is the RIGHT people that is its greatest asset. Applying this principle to this post: The opinions of the heavy hitters in the JS community will provide the greatest impact for Meteor


Thank you for sharing my blog post and I’m happy you’ve learned something new from it. I really like the thought of appreciating and gathering people that have contributed to increase your skills – this is probably something we all should be more aware of and not take for granted (myself included!).

I haven’t looked into MeteorJS for a long time – just had a quick look at it back in the days when a new JS-framework popped up every month. Maybe I’ll try it out on a new hobby project to get a glance of it :+1:


Welcome @charliemidtlyng! Thanks for joining the community! It would be fun to hear how your Meteor app goes. Let us know if you have any questions or need any pointers/clarity on anything, we are trying to make Meteor even easier to get started with, so knowing any points of friction for new users is helpful! :comet::grinning:

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3rd invite going to Tania Rascia who writes a lot of really great JS tutorials. I came across one of her tutorials on browser localStorage when I was doing some research. It was the cleanest, most helpful tutorial that came up on the topic.

Her site is really clean & easy to use, great design, 100% ad free, and she has written over 150 tutorials! :muscle:

She has built her current site with Gatsby and she has really deep JS knowledge. I looked around and didn’t find anything on Meteor yet, so I would love to see her try Meteor and even do a tutorial on her experience with it if that’s an interest to her :+1:(I’m voting for Vue + Meteor :grinning:)

She has done tutorials for various front-ends including Vue & React, so that might help anyone looking to try one of Meteor’s front-end options a great place to start!

I like her content & approach so much that I’ve bought her a coffee :coffee: to make a tiny contribution to her ongoing work!


Hello, all! Thank you so much for the invite and appreciation of my work and website. I’m glad I was able to help you out in your random googling. I’m hoping to give Meteor a try soon.


Welcome @floppydiskette :tada: We’re excited to see what you think of Meteor! We hope you love it as much as we all do :grinning:

@charliemidtlyng, @floppydiskette welcome! Looking forward to see what you think! Let us know if you have any questions!

On another note @arunoda showed-up again, so I’m looking forward what he is going to think after all this time.


I’m happy to invite Nick Mudge to the Meteor community! I came across a very cool project he built called RunCSS that makes TailwindCSS much more flexible and allows your TailwindCSS to skip the build process.

Why to use RunCSS (from Nick’s blog post):

  1. I don’t want to install TailwindCSS.
  2. I don’t want to process my CSS with build tools.
  3. I don’t want to purge my CSS.
  4. I don’t want to use a huge bloated CSS file that is limited and can’t be customized.
  5. I want to use TailwindCSS!

The solution is RunCSS .

This Runtime solution made me think it might be an extra good solution to go with for Svelte + Meteor, but I’d still have to learn more details. I think it would work with any Front-End (view layer) at initial glance.

I’m hoping Nick wants to try RunCSS with Meteor to see how the two could work together.

Another really cool library he made is called Webscript which does the following:

  1. Replaces JSX in React.
  2. Replaces HTML templating languages.
  3. Replaces HTML in Javascript applications.
  4. Replaces HTML in your Javascript library.

See Webscript in action: convert HTML to Webscript, this looks really useful :exploding_head:

There are both pretty progressive approaches that look brand new, but also super easy to pick up, so maybe you, Meteor JS devs, will enjoy playing with these.

I’d love to see some RunCSS and Webscript projects examples in the Meteor Community, could be a lot of fun! :tada:


@mullojo Thank you for this great introduction!

Yes, RunCSS, should work with any frontend view layer. It can also work without an existing Javascript library. Here is an example of how to do that:

<!-- Prevent flash of unstyled elements with display:none -->
<body style="display: none;">
  <!-- HTML that uses RunCSS here. -->
  <div class="md:flex bg-white rounded-lg p-6">
    <img class="h-16 w-16 md:h-24 md:w-24 rounded-full mx-auto md:mx-0 md:mr-6" src="avatar.jpg">
    <div class="text-center md:text-left">
      <h2 class="text-lg">Erin Lindford</h2>
      <div class="text-purple-500">Customer Support</div>
      <div class="text-gray-600"></div>
      <div class="text-gray-600">(555) 765-4321</div>
  <!-- This code generates all the CSS needed for the webpage. -->
  <script type="module">
    import processClasses from '^0/dist/runcss.modern.js'
    // Get all elements that have a class attribute.
    for(const element of document.querySelectorAll('*[class]')) {    
    // Display elements = "block"

Welcome @mudgen :tada: Thanks for joining the Meteor community, RunCSS looks really cool. Do you think would be able to do examples for Vue and/or React?

Most everyone using Meteor would use the npm install , super cool to see the flexibility!

And since yesterday, I played with Webscript and it’s very cool. I’d like to share it with some members of the Vue core team. Do you think is is largely compatible with Vue? It could be a real time saver in writing HTML. I generally have not had any issues just writing HTML, but it’s really got me thinking of the time I might save. I think the dev community at large might really enjoy learning more about it.