Ionic 2 Local Notifications vs Push Notifications

Hi All,

I am using Ionic 2 to build a Chat App. The Chat App is using Ionic and Meteor and works perfectly. The app has an event that is fired when a new message appears (when Meteor updates the Mongo cursor).

I am considering using either Local Notifications or Push Notifications. I would prefer Local Notifications, because they are simpler and I already have an event when I need a notification.


My question however is, if the app is not running, will it still be able to display a notification if I use Local Notification?

As far as i know, you won’t be able to do that, you need push notifications when app is in background.


Hi sabativi,

You are correct, I tested Local Notifications, and they don’t work when the app is not running.

So Push Notifications are the way to go.

I have looked everywhere and cannot find documentation or a tutorial I can follow to implement Push Notifications with Googles Firebase (no longer GCM).

Can anyone recommend anything else?


For push notifications i highly recommend this :