Ionic Icons fail in android webview


Hi all.

I’m in the process of building a phonegap Bluetooth application and I’m stuck on a GUI problem. I based my project of the structure of this tutorial: (the problem exists in the tutorial as well).

My issue is on the mobile device specifically. I am testing with a Nexus 7 running the latest version of marshmallow. Anywhere a valid ‘ion-icon’ goes in my templates, I instead get a box with an x through it. If I pass an invalid symbol name that does not exist (for example, ion-icon=“gobbledegook”), I instead get nothing. This tells me that something is being loaded in by the application when I call out an appropriate symbol name, but it then cannot be interpreted.

The issue is not replicated when viewing through a standard browser.

I am using these relevant packages:


I’ve been stuck on this for a good bit so if anyone has any suggestions for me I would greatly appreciate any and all input.




I also faced this problem. If anyone is looking for the solution, here it is. It helped me.