Ionic + Meteor hot code push

I’ve been having issues with the Ionic on Meteor after the 1.3 update. Was thinking of “rebooting” using the Ionic CLI. Quick question – kinda obvious I know but I’ll ask anyway: If I use the Ionic CLI, I’d loose the hot code push feature, right?

Yes, hot code push only works if you’re using the Meteor build system, although Ionic does have a similar feature.

What are the issues you’re having with Ionic on Meteor after the 1.3 update?

This tutorial doesn’t seem to work anymore:

Could you be a little more specific? Which part isn’t working anymore, and what happens when you try it?

Actually I figured where the error comes from. There are some ‘updatable’ packages that I updated and caused the error. If I’ll just simply make meteor update, it won’t produce the error. So, Meteor 1.3 with Ionic is still a go for me.

Thanks! :smiley:

Update: I saw the error: npm.

I read somewhere the 1.3 has npm built in. So I have this on one of my coffeescript based code:

Cloudinary = Meteor.npmRequire('cloudinary')

Seems to be the cause of the problem. How do I call npm’s on 1.3?

I think you should be able to use a regular require in CoffeeScript. But you’ll have to install the dependencies yourself (in a node_modules directory).

Thanks. I have this

import Cloudinary from 'cloudinary'

but i’m getting this error:

ReferenceError: require is not defined W20160401-16:46:32.129(8)? (STDERR) at app/server/settings.js:5:19 W20160401-16:46:32.129(8)? (STDERR) at app/server/settings.js:9:4 W20160401-16:46:32.129(8)? (STDERR) at /Users/arnoldgamboa/ionic/ionic/.meteor/local/build/programs/server/boot.js:283:10

Any idea?

If you’re not using ecmascript, you may have to add the modules package to your app.

Thanks man. Appreciate the help.