Ionicons disappearing on mobile app?


For some reason, my app displays ionicons absolutely fine on my development machine but when I run meteor run android-device the ionicons don’t display at all?

Is this because it’s not on a production server and is just on my phone connected to my Mac? For reference the package I’m using is: pagebakers:ionicons




This happened to me, I think it’s because that package loads an external resource, so you have to allow access with an access rule in your mobile-settings.js.

I’m not exactly sure if a wildcard access rule is recommended…but something like:


or more specifically:


I just ended up switching to use meteoric:ionicons-sass and fourseven:scss@2.0.0. That way it’s packaged locally and loads faster, offline, etc.


Nice one thanks for the heads up! I’ll have a go at sorting it tomorrow :smile: