iOS 9 Beta 2 - SSL Issues FIXED


Hi there,

I´ve installed the new iOS 9 Beta and Xcode 7 to test meteor apps with the coming iOS Version. I figured out that there are some network related issues.

The Client (iPhone) can´t connect to the server to subscribe into the published collections. If I cast an eye on the logs it looks like its serving the files in the “public” folder. After serving the public folder it drops a console log “network”. Its not really an error message its just say “network”. My app was running on iOS 8 without issues.

I´ve also tested it with the leaderboard example. The leaderboard app is running but there are no collections served to display the player names.

anyone with the same issues? or ideas to fix it?


ok it looks like iOS9 force SSL Connections.

if you have the same issue here is a workaround:

if you host your app on dont forget to set the mobile server also with https://


does anyone have a good tutorial on getting ssl set up?


what exactly you mean with set up ssl? on your own server? # DownToChill ? :wink:


haha i’ve just never gone through the process of setting up a server with ssl…like generating the certs and all. But I think I found some stuff online to help me through it.


It’s surprisingly painless on Modulus. I have yet to do this with Digital Ocean and MUP but there is a guide somewhere for that.