iOS app connect only localhost

I have a app hosted on galaxy with both mobile apps. After last meteor upgrade my iOS build cannot connect to remote server. Android app runs good. iOS app works only with localhost with “meteor run iOS-device”. If I add a --mobile-server or --server for build, iOS app can’t locate external server.
In the Xcode I can see that remote host address passed to project.
My app worked well until last meteor update :thinking:Now I have only android and browser app working.
May be someone can give me advice or solution to solve this problem… thanx

Its not funny and i trying to resolve this problem for a lot of hours. iOs app dont connect to remote mobile server, only to local. From iphone safari or chrome i can open app from remote server and all runs great. But ios application shows only first page. There is no any connections in a server nginx log. May be i need to setup some additinal params in xcode?

last week all was working good. :cry:

If you run on Galaxy you can also request support there!

What is the output in xCode when you run your app on your own iOS device with --mobile-server?

thanx, it was a ssl issue.