iOS app defaults to Todo List sample app

I used the LocalMarket app as a template to make another app. The Android build works great however when I build the iOS app on Xcode, it launches my app and then quickly defaults to the Todo List sample app from Meteor.

It’s the weirdest thing. I literally see the app that I built for like a second or two (this is in the iOS simulator) and then it just changes to the Todo List app.

I’ve tried rebuilding it, deleting the building folder and building it again, deleting the .meteor file (basically uninstalling meteor) from my local directory, and even deleting the local folder from my .meteor app directory. I still get the same results and even the same data from the mongoDB.

Nothing in my code even mentions “Todo” so I don’t understand how it’s loading this up. The console seems to load everything fine but then when it switches over to the Todo app, it fills with a ton of Meteor Cordova Debug messages. Is the Todo List app a way of Meteor debugging the app?