iOS app stuck on loading screen


Hello All,

So I have this mobile app built using meteor. I have put it on the iOS app store about 6 months ago and everything was working fine. I did some significant updates to the app and so I wanted to resubmit it to the app store because it take quite a while to get all the latest code on first launch, since the the code has greatly surpassed the submitted version

Anyway, the app runs fine on the web but when i run it on iOS device or the emulator, it just gets stuck on the loading screen after splash page. I have tried to hunt down the error that is causing this or how to find the error but I am having no luck. How can I hunt down the error causing this?

Any help with this will be greatly appreciated


Are you still on Meteor 1.2? Until this version, hot code push was very unreliable on mobile devices. It could happen that a HCP broke the app completely. This could only be recovered by uninstalling and re-installing the app. Just updating the app wouldn’t work.


Yes it is under 1.2 but it is not HCP problem, my app is just hanging when i test it on the emulator or a device in a development environment. I am not sure how to debug it


Try using the xCode console.
If you can’t see the console, go to View > Debug Area > Activate Console.
You can also check for more option on how to debug a Meteor Cordova App.


Sure this is not related to HCP? Did you remove the app completely (on the device) and try again (by re-installing via Xcode)? What does Xcode say in the logs?


I am also having this problem with android. I am using meteor The app loads, I see the splash screen then the loading screen comes up and then its loads forever. in the CLI it says App startup timed out. Any insight into a solution to this will be helpful