IOS associated Domain - Store/autofill password

Has anyone been able to get this to work, I added the “Associated Domains” pointed it to my url, “” I have my login form with “username” and “current-password”

I added the “apple-app-site-association” to my “root” as well as the “.well-known”

just no popup to save/store the password

I am not even seeing anything that xcode is validating the association and if its passed or failed.

I gather you’re talking about a Cordova app. Your server is running on localhost, and that’s what WKWebView is loading, not your .com domain. So this is a way to associate your app with a domain for Apple’s password manager.

I have the same problem, albeit I first noticed it with LastPass. I imagine any password manager would have a hard time with a WKWebView.

Just guessing here, but my thought is that this “Associated Domains” setting (which I can’t find in my Xcode apparently because I need to create a Developer Account first) doesn’t affect what’s inside WKWebView. I’ve found this to be true of other things about WKWebView – like it’s running in its own little sandbox that doesn’t necessarily take on the attributes or entitlements of the parent app.

I’d be interested in a solution to this as well since I’m spoiled by password managers these days and I’d like my app to be compatible with them too.

I wonder if cordova-plugin-app-scope might be a solution?

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Update: It works! :tada:

It was easy once I figured out what to do. Three steps:

  1. Register an App Id in my Apple Developer Account and add the “Associated Domains” capability.

  2. Add this to mobile-config.js:

let associatedDomainsConfigFor = (file) => `
  <config-file target="${file}" parent="">

<platform name="ios">
  1. Delete the app from iOS device and reinstall it. (I read this was necessary with associated-domains changes.)

And voila. Doesn’t need any cordova plugins.

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Just to clarify, are you are now able to:

  1. Use iOS keychain/autofill/3rdParty on your App’s wkWebView login page to fill credentials?
  2. Save your credentials to iOS keychain/auto-fill/3rdParty from your App’s wkWebView login page?

We have enabled domain entitlement, and can only use keychain/auto-fill/3rdParty to fill credentials. For some reason, we cannot get the save password dialogue to show, so basically, a user would need to sign-in once with Safari (saving credentials) to then be able to auto-fill the App wkWebView login.

I don’t know; I switched to one-time emailed login codes (although I’m not sure that was the right call from a UX standpoint). But I could see that being an issue. Do you do a route change after login? I know that’s usually needed for browser password managers to detect that a password was used. Maybe a <form> submit as well, I don’t know.