iOS: cannot access http://localhost:12792/local-filesystem

Using the following code that is a callback from a cordova imagePicker plugin:

var result = WebAppLocalServer.localFileSystemUrl(results[i]);```

The result variable cannot be used to convert to a base64 string:
```Image URI: file:///var/mobile/Containers/Data/Application/131A3593-1885-4A53-9A03-D54353A1774C/tmp/cdv_photo_003.jpg```

`Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 403 (Forbidden)`

Having this issue on iOS iPad as well as on iOS simulator. Not having this issue on android. It is very odd that the file has forbidden access, because the meteor docs says: 

"Because the Cordova integration in Meteor does not serve your app from file:// URLs, access to local files through file:// URLs is not allowed either due to the same-origin policy.

The file serving mechanism used in Meteor allows for local file access through URLs of the form http://localhost:<port>/local-filesystem/<path>) however. You can construct these file system URLs manually, or use WebAppLocalServer.localFileSystemUrl() to convert file:// URLs. You can use this to convert URLs received from plugins like cordova-plugin-file and cordova-plugin-camera for example." 

Any help would be very appreciated.