Ios emulation on pc

hi! i don’t have a mac, but a sony vaio, which i love because it’s so light that people think it’s one of those ikea fake computers. i am not sponsored by sony, i just wanted to start with something more fun than my question - which is kindof clear with subject:

i am using meteor because in the end i would like to have an android and ios app. i am storing data on the client with window.localstorage and use some non-bootstrap interface elements and i am SCARED! what will this thing look like and behave on an iphone in an ios app…? the meteor tutorial sais i need a mac. and it looks like i would have to install everything and whatnot, and i don’t even know how to turn them damn things on … :smile:

can i somehow check my meteor app without a mac?

when i check the web-app on an iphone - would this give me something i could work with?

thanks in advance!!

Yes that’s also what a cordova is. What you best can do:

Setup web-app-capable.

Then on you iOS device add an icon to your homescreen (you can find that behind the share button).

Then you will have a quite good solution. Works even over wifi so you can use your local ip address for testing.

What you cannot do is for example:

  • Deploy to app store
  • Use Cordova tools / plugins etcetera (for example no live camera view)

So both use just Safari internally so it’s all quite the same.