iOS Emulator always start as iPhone4

when I am running my app for iOS, it always starts the emulator in iPhone4 mode, and when I try to switch the device in the emulator, the Cordova app terminates and is gone from the home screen so I can’t relaunch it.

Is this only on my computer or am I doing something wrong? Is this supposed to work?

You can open your project on Xcode and select device you want to open on emulator.

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Thank you sir, you are a genius :slight_smile:

Hmm, whatever I change in the Xcode project gets overwritten every time I

meteor run iOS

and it always comes up as iPhone4

If you update meteor, you now get an iPhone 6 as the default. :wink:

Did you ever figure out how to launch your app on a different hardware device emulator? I’m looking for a way to do this as well. It is nice that it now launches in iphone 6, but I want to test on older devices too.

Sorry, have not been able to figure that out