iOS inconsistencies (, db insert) ideas?

I have been creating an app specifically for mobile devices. I have it working pretty flawless on desktop and iOS simulator. However after I moved it to an actual device I ran into a few hiccups.

  1. I have a click event on an div tag that acts as a button. Its not very complicated as it just records user input, userid, the date, user account info and some fields with integers as values. Oddly enough this seems to be the only click event not working, although the other click events mostly affect DOM manipulation. There is another form submit event, but its dependent on user data from this submit event working.

    • I noticed the keyboard has “Go” key, which I would use if I could find out how to harness its functionality.
  2. I have tried to send data to my external database ( and from my app, vice versa. I used the meteor run ios-device -p --mobile-server mongodb://myComposeConnectionString . Not only is the data not being transferred back and forth from, but data is being recorded to some sort of storage on the device which I never specified.

    • I did make a connection with the string via the command line

Any ideas, wisdom, or meteor to app development resources would be appreciated.

  1. Is your div button inside the form? If you use a type=submit, or a button element, the form will cause them to have different behaviors. Try moving the button outside the for.

  2. the mongodb:// reference should be specified with MONGO_URL=mongodb://myComposeConnectionString. The --mobile-server should also be, as I recall.

Hey thanks for the reply. The button is not an actual button but a div that just has a click event attached to it. I will try switching it back to a actual html button or input with submit type and see if that makes a difference.

As for the connection string, in this case are you suggesting I add the host before the string? so ? Here is an example of what the compose string looks like without the host before. It seems to work fine with command line, but I will try your suggestion.

Not quite. MONGO_URL comes first. The --mobile-sever argument… I don’t remember if it takes an address or not.

I managed to figure out why the click event has not been working. I guess Meteor combo with iOS is opinionated about form submission.

I made use of the “Go” button, but now I am curious how to change the text.

But have not been able to connect to, the adventure continues.