IPA file unable to run on colleague's phone or untethered from workstation using Meteorjs+ReactJS+Mongodb


I am new to IOS development and have come across an issue and need some help.

I am trying to create an iOS application to target to work on iPhones. I am using MeteorJS, ReactJS with MongoDB for a database.
When I run the ‘meteor run ios’ command I am able to get the Xcode project.
I am also able to load the Xcode project within Xcode and generate the IPA file to demo on my iPhone using ITunes from my MacBook Pro.
When I try to run the application from my iPhone everything works - meaning I was able to connect to the local database (localhost:3001 mongodb). ALso, the tests on the application only work when my phone is connected to the Mac.

Now, when I try to export the application and want a colleague to test the iPA file does not work. The IPA file gets installed on the colleague’s phone, however application does not work.

I think I’ve followed the process as required for Adhoc Provisioning profiles however I am not sure whether Im doing this right - because possibly the database is not being packaged with the IPA file?

Could someone please help / Guide?