iPhone image uploads, React, S3 images upload taking awhile. Common reasons for this?

I know I’m not providing code, but the upload feature is pretty vanilla. What are some other common possibilities?

I did find that my S3 was on the free/sandbox tier which is drastically throttled. So moving to a paid tier helped speed up a little.

Is this just a result of the size of the image? Is it common to try and compact the iphone image before uploading?

I also saw this quote in my travels:

“When your users are distributed worldwide, you should enable and use S3 Transfer Acceleration. This will decrease the upload time for user who are not close to your buckets’s region.”

I guess, in short, are there some goto (quick) tricks that you all do when setting up S3?

this isn’t exactly answering, but can you store it to the local store and upload it async in background? Don’t block the ui with a loading block also. Also, depending on the integration, the iPhone/Android quality setting and sizes are different when you pull from the camera/photo library. I found tweaking those and setting them dynamically depending on platform save a lot of space. For example a quality of 7 means something different on IOS and android. The perceived speed of these 2 improvements helped out the most when we were working with react native image uploads. Also verifying compression is working before upload?

How do you verify compression is working? Is it suppose to work by default?