IPv6 IOS App Store Rejection

So my app got rejected because my website does not support IPv6, as far as I know meteor/galaxy hosting does not support IPv6 but I’ve also heard that some meteor developers that also use galaxy have been successful, please let me know how I could fix this issue? I’ve checked the forums and there appears to be many who were successful however there is little to no description of how, I would really appreciate it if someone could share how they have successfully gotten their website to work with IPv6 while hosting on galaxy

Same problem here.
Using React Native app which uses Websockets to connect to the Meteor server.

Are you just pointing to an IPv4 IP address in your app? I just got a Meteor app approved in the App store with no issues pointing to a DNS name on Galaxy.

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I’m using
var METEOR_URL = 'ws://';
to connect to Meteor from my React Native app.

Not sure if the rejection was because of the use of websockets.

Ok… that is your local IP address, why are you setting it as that for a production application? Have you gone through this entire guide? https://guide.meteor.com/deployment.html

You’re right, I typed in the localhost address. But for the production app I’m using something similar wss://mydomain.com/websocket
It’s connecting to the website when I install it from xcode.