Iron Router 2018


Does anybody know of a well maintained Iron Router fork that works well with Meteor

Is there a community/forum somewhere for people who don’t want to use React with Meteor anymore and prefer sticking with Blaze?


I’d still recommend using FlowRouter with Blaze, specifically this version , not the original by Kadira which is no longer maintained.


@arggh thanks. Looks like it’s being maintained.


You can also try Parrot if you don’t need SSR :smiley:


@billy404, my business is using the original iron router with Meteor 1.8 in all our Meteor apps and it works perfectly.

What problem did you experience when you tried to use it?

It is unfortunate that there are some people who seem to compulsively go out of their way to disparage iron router without any obvious reason.


I think the obvious reasons are

a) It’s recommended in the Meteor Guide

b) There exists a maintained version of the package


Thanks vlasky. The initial problem I had was with some documentation relating to an earlier version to be honest. I subsequently became concerned by the lack of activity on the iron router depository. Starting a project with an unmaintained library is a little worrying for me. Of course if something isn’t broken there’s no point repairing it but it’s nice to see a healthy amount of recent activity all the same. @vlasky